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Intercoil Srl designs and manufactures coils for solenoid valves, overmoulded with technopolymers according to the customer’s needs.

The company was started in 1995 by Ugo Alessandria who, thanks to his experience in the commercial and production fields, gave life to the entrepreneurial business.
The company has its legal and operational headquarters in Opera (MI); the current workforce has 50 employees including administrative employees, technicians and workers.

Within the company, a specific department is dedicated to the development and design of new products tailored to the customer and, as and when it may be necessary, new machinery and systems to speed up and increase the production of coils and improve their quality.

Through the customers acquired by Intercoil, the coils reach markets all over the world.

The philosophy of the company, which has been ISO 9001 certified since 2006, is totally oriented towards quality, starting from the raw materials, and for this reason Intercoil has always chosen reliable and strategic suppliers.

Among these is the Elektrisola Group, from which the company purchases capillary and medium-sized copper wires.

The coil is incorporated with certified thermoplastic materials:
PA6 (Durathan – Lanxess), PPS (Torelina – Toray), PBT (Pocan – Lanxess), PET (Rynite – Dupont).


We guarantee a high degree of reliability in our work, thanks to our experience and organisational flexibility which enable us to respond to the many and varied requests of our customers.

Quality products

Our coils are designed for different needs, but always with materials and technologies which ensure efficiency and durability.

How to find us

Via Fornace Cavallino, 4
20090 Opera MI

INTERCOIL s.r.l. Via Fornace Cavallino, 4, 20090 Opera MI – P.Iva 11344570152